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Castles Game released

So this is the first release of Castles Game, Version 0.3 The Player can currently build his castle, upgrade his weapons, employ workers to repair his castle and build farms to gain more resources. Here you can find the Main Page of the Project including downloads for Windows and Linux …

Space Shooter Game 2 [C++]

This is my second Space Shooter Game, written in C++ instead of Python which made it a bit more complex. Download for 32 bit for Linux Download for 64 bit for Linux I hope you enjoy playing this little Game spaceshooter by Michael Langeder is licensed under a Creative Commons …

Space Shooter Game [Python]

This is my first Python project, a Space Shooter Game. When i saw PiShooter on Youtube, i wanted to try Python I did a lot of changes to the Original: I added some Background music and Soundeffect for the cannon and the exploding ships Additionally i gave a goal to …

Simple Chatprogram (Server & Client)

This is a litttle and simple Chatprogram written in Perl, using tcp, NO encryption/security! Download Source (.zip) Chatter1.4 by Michael Langeder is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.