Survival of Lacina – Indie RPG

So I started on a new gamedev project,
a 2D fantasy RPG called ‘Survival of Lacina’.

It is about a guy that has a very important mission – to save his world!
But first, he will have to learn a few things, such as

  • Crafting tools and weapons
  • Use sword, bow and axe
  • Training his magic abilities
  • Taming a falcon
  • Find food
  • and so on…

The player will have the ability to trade items in every bigger city and combine them somehow (i.e. make a bow from stick + string or make flour from wheat using a stone)


So far the player can run around in a grid of “blocks”.

A block can either be a tree, a farm (2×2 blocks), a road or just dirt.

Apples can be harvested from the trees and branches can also be taken from them, when all apples have been taken.

At the farm, wheat can be harvested.

All collected items will be shown in the backpack, but can not be used for now. Also, there is no hint of how many items of a kind you have in your bag yet ;P


Here is a short video preview of what has been done on it so far:

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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