Selfmade Mini Milling Machine

I think it’s about time I presented my newest project.

DSC_0297It’s a manual 3-Axis milling machine (a very small one) made from an electric multitool/grinder/drill, a cross-table and some aluminum, steel and plastic. As you can plainly see, the goal was to get it to a working stage as fast and cheap as possible. After putting some thought into the design, it took me merely a few days to build it.

The frame has been built from flat steel rods and brackets cut from aluminum sheet.

Cheap and ugly, but it works.

The tool mount is 3D-printed from PLA. It’s a bit too flexible, but sufficient for now.

The vertical feed device is made from aluminum blocks (waste parts), aluminum rods and some screws. Again, ugly but functional.

So far, I machined wood, aluminum and construction steel on it.
Due to the wooden baseplate there is some deflection when cutting at higher speeds,
also the plastic tool mount is fairly flexible. Those two parts will be replaced to begin with.

At some point I want to “rebuild” almost the whole machine from parts milled on it,
there sure is lots of potential for improvements.


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