Raspberry Pi Webserver

Raspberry Pi Webserver


The Raspberry Pi is a small ARM-based Development-Plattform.

It comes with integrated grapics and 256MB RAM.

Because of its little energyconsumption of only 3.5W on max. load
and its pretty good capabilities its suitable for small webservers.

It uses an SD-Card instead of a HDD, which limits the capacities,
but one can easily extend using one of the two USB-Ports

I am using a Kingston Class 10 SDHC with 8GB

and a USB-Powersupply originally being used to charge a cellphone


I use Debian 6.0 as Operating System, because its easy to install and configure,
and because there are ready-to-install SD-images for ARM architecture.

Additional Software:

  • Apache2 (HTTP-Server)
  • MySQL (Database-Server)
  • OpenSSH-Server (Remote Controlling)
  • vsFTPd (FTP-Server)

Although Apache and MySQL may cause heavier CPU-Load than ligHTTPd and SQLite,
it’s fine for now



Picture of the Raspberry Pithe Raspberry Pi, just unwrapped

The solarcell with LiPo-Rider and accu

Picture of the Raspberry PiThe first Setup

The HDMI-Port (for 1080p@30Hz)

Compared to Creditcard-Size

Usage as Webserver of langeder.no-ip.org

The back with SD-Card


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