How to use BlackBerry internet service with almost any provider


After i bought a Black Berry Curve 3G 9300, i was disappointed as i found out
that i could`nt use the blackberry internet service functions with my network provider.
There was a problem with services and security options.
a friend found a solution for that in a German BB-Forum
The (original) German article can be found

At first you will need some new servicebooks
Then, load them to your smartphones and make sure the APN settings are correct.

Connecting to the internet from a smartphone may cause high costs to you!

This may break security on your BB or cause damage to it!

It worked with mine, but i do not take any warranty!

You may do this on your own risk!

Detailed To-Do List:

    1. Download the anworm data


    1. Un-rar them to any directory on your PC


    1. Start the BB Desktop Software (Version 5.01 works for me)


    1. Connect your Smartphone to the PC (only USB will work)


    1. On the BB: got to Settings–>Extended Options–>Service Books


    1. Press Alt + “SBEB” (keep Alt pressed while pressing S-B-E-B in a row)
      If you dont have a Alt-key (BB Storm):
      Hold it horizontal and hold !?123 pressed while pressing “4?2?”


    1. “Legacy SB Restore Enable” should be displayed, the BB is now ready to receive the anworm data


    1. Click at “save and recover” at the desktop-softwares mainpage


    1. Click at “Extended Options”, there should be two tables (PC and BB)


    1. select the anworm datas and load them to your BB with the >> Button


    1. On the BB: got to Settings–>Extended Options–>Service Books again
      Browser Config [BrowserConfig] and
      Email [CMIME] should be there now


    1. Make sure your APN is set correct:
      you can find them at Settings–>Extended Options–>TCP/IP


    1. Settings–>Extended Options–>Browser: set Standard-Browserconf. to ‘Browser’


    1. Restart your Black Berry


  1. After this you should be able to connect to use the blackberry internet services.

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