DIY Mobile Phone Charger

This is a small tryout-project, to craft a small mobile power supply for charging a mobile phone on the go.

Since i had a “LiPo Rider” and a 1100mAh LiPo-Cell lying around, it was just a 20 minutes for the first version.

I used a case for small screwdrivers as housing, which makes it look quite odd.


It already gives 1A output current, just long enough to charge my Galaxy Nexus ~90%.

To extend the capacity i already ordered some 7.4V/820mAh accupacks,

which i will disassemble to two cells and use in parallel, since the “LiPo Rider” is designed for only one Cell (3.7V).


With this i will be able to achieve a total capacity of over 6 Ah in my DIY mobile phone charger.

A nice feature is the ability to charge the batteries from small solar cells, something i will try as soon as the winter is gone :)


Here are some Pictures:


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