DIY Mobile Phone Charger Update 1

So i’ve got the new LiPo Cells i ordered and put them into my charger.

I bought a 2-cell LiPo pack with 820mAh for 2.6€ and reassembled the cells from series to parallel,

to get a 3.7V 1640mAh pack.




Status and Plans

My DIY mobile phone charger has now a total capacity of ~2700mAh, which is enough to charge my Galaxy Nexus twice.

Anyway, i will add another 3 packs (3x2x820mAh), to extend the capacity to over 6000Ah.

In addition, i want to add a small solar cell (0.5Wp) on the case,

less because i think i can get a lot off energy out of it, but more because i like how it looks :P



The pack had an integrated balancer, which i don’t need at the moment, so i simply removed it.

More Features

Here are some pictures of the LED’s on the LiPo-Rider, which indicate status and level of batteries.

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