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Network RAID with DRBD on Ubuntu

In this tutorial i will show you how to setup drbd on two Ubuntu machines. I used Ubuntu 12.04 and VirtualBox for this. first, make sure that the two machines can resolve the hostnames. You can do that by either using DNS or the “/etc/hosts” file. Server 1&2 “/etc/hosts”: …

Linux UART With Perl

Thats a small program i wrote for debugging. Probably its useful for some of you too. Its the first version and only sends data from keyboard input. Interface and baudrate can be set in the file. Code: uart.txt (save as and make executable) Please note that it needs root …

Backup, backup, backup

When you work on important projects, make sure to always backup your work. I currently try to write the codes for my raspberry pi webinterface again, because my SD-Card broke for some reasons. Not that much fun. I will publish the codes as soon as i’m finished!