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DIY Power Supply

DIY Power Supply

I currently work on a DIY Power Supply which has 2 regulated Outputs (each 1-40VDC @1A) and a 5VDC/2A fixed Output. I am thinking of adding a 12VDC output later. I decided to make it myself, because its cheaper and i can design it the way i want it to be. …

LM317 homemade laser driver / LM317 lasertreiber

Homemade Laser Driver with LM317

This is a simple and cheap homemade laser driver. The LM317 is capable of up to 1.5A, which makes it possible to use it for >1000mW laser diodes. Build your own homemade laser driver   Used Parts LM317 Voltage Regulator (rs-components) 1N4001 Diode (Reverse Voltage Protection) 10µF Capacitor Resistors (Value …

Build a computer from spare parts

My new PC didn’t even cost me one dollar :) The old Fujitsu Server-Case holds an Acer Motherboard (exact type unknown), an Intel Core 2 Quad, 4GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM, and my super-cool Nvidia GeForce GT8400 ;) Since I don’t use it to play a lot, it’s enough. Thats how …