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Dual Power Supply

DIY Dual Power Supply – Almost finished

I almost finished my power supply, the only thing left to do is mounting it into a case. Unfortunately, I only had one LM350, so I decided to use 1 LM350 and 1 LM317. Thats why the two high-power Resistors on the print are different (0.22Ohm for 3A and 0.68Ohm …

Dual Power Supply LM350 bot

DIY Dual Power Supply LM350 Print

The print is ready and drilled. Unfortunately it has a slight mismatch of bottom and top, but its fine for my requirements ;)   When I have enough time i will start the soldering work and also work on an adequate cooling.

DIY Dual Power Supply LM350 Curcuit and PCB Layout

For most of my projects i need an external DC power supply, and because regulated power supplies are quiet expensive, i will make my own, using LM350 linear voltage regulators. Since the reference voltage of 1.25V is the same as the LM317’s, i will use the same circuit for the …