Show dd copy progress

At times, dd transfers take a long time and often you want to see the progress. By default, dd doesn’t show any progress or status except for error messages. Here is a short description on how to get dd to output its current progress: To find out the ID of a running dd process: $… Read More »

Privacy Tools .io

Found this website very interesting and helpful: It serves lists of privacy enhancing tools for different categories, such as browser plugins, privacy-aware email hosters, encryption tools, voice & video messenger, secure clouds, etc.

Encrypt files using GPG, seahorse and nautilus

What this how-to covers: Setting up seahorse/nautilus integration Generating a GPG key using a terminal Using the key with nautilus-seahorse plugin to encrypt/decrypt files What this how-to does not cover: Everything else, including: What is PGP,GPG,RSA and how does it work? If you are not familiar with these topics or encryption in general, please read… Read More »

Laser Plotter Controller Board – Arduino, GRBL and EasyDriver

I have been working on a controller board for a laser plotter. This board has headers for an Arduino UNO and two EasyDriver stepper motor drivers and integrates an LM317 laser diode driver. It is designed to be used with GRBL, supporting 2 Axes, limit switches, laser ON/OFF, … I attached some pictures of the… Read More »